The team at Cloud Audio Visual understand that sports and recreation can be a particularly demanding environment for AV equipment. Over the years we have developed a number of solutions to cater specifically for the sports and recreation industries in both Melbourne & Sydney.


Sound systems for aerobic instruction have become a speciality. We understand the physical environment your equipment must perform in and have tested a wide range of products, developing systems that handle the consistent rigours of high impact use.

Cloud AV have the knowledge to provide your aerobic facility with products that enhance the member experience and help in the retention of class numbers.

From instructor headsets and wireless belt packs to audio mixing facilities, amplification and speakers, our systems support the clarity required to satisfy both staff and class participants.

areas of expertise

  • Spin Cycle Room Audio Systems
  • Aqua Aerobics Audio Systems
  • Group Fitness Audio Systems
  • Gym Audio Systems
  • Gym TV / Displays
  • FM Radio Systems
  • Digital Signage & Noticeboards
  • Portable PA’s
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Sports & Recreation Centres

Sports and Recreation Centres are regularly used by a wide range of clubs and associations, each with their own specific requirements.

Questions we carefully consider when designing your audio visual system:

  • Who will need to use the system and what are their particular requirements.
  • How accessible and easy is the system to use.
  • Thinking about Safety and Security – authorised use and interfacing with warning systems and evacuation procedures.
  • Sonic Quality and speech intelligibility.
  • Durability.
  • Budget Constraints.

Sports and Recreation Centres often present challenging acoustic environments with high background noise levels. We often partner with industry experts at Pink Noise Audio to conduct specialist audio modelling to ensure that the correct speaker choice, placement and sound deadening properties are in place to create perfect acoustics.

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Our Clients

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Welcome to Cloud Audio Visual - Advancing Your Gym Audio System Experience with Cutting-Edge Sound Solutions

Are you tired of dull and uninspiring audio systems in your gym or sports facility? Look no further! Cloud Audio Visual is your go-to expert for all your audio needs in the sports and recreation industries. We understand the unique challenges gyms and recreational centers face in Melbourne and Sydney, and we have tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. With our top-notch Gym Audio System and Gym Sound System, prepare to revolutionize how you experience sound during your workouts.

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Unparalleled Expertise for a Seamless Experience

At Cloud Audio Visual, we know that sports and recreation environments demand top-of-the-line Gym Audio Systems. With years of experience in this industry, we have honed our expertise to provide you with unmatched solutions. Whether you need Spin Cycle Room Audio Systems, Aqua Aerobics Audio Systems, or Group Fitness Audio Systems, we have got you covered.

Elevate Your Gym Experience with Cutting-Edge Gym Audio Systems

Our Gym Audio Systems are designed to take your workout sessions to the next level. Say goodbye to subpar sound quality and hello to crystal-clear, immersive audio. With our expertly chosen speaker placements and sound-deadening properties, we ensure that you enjoy perfect acoustics, even in the face of challenging background noise levels.

Displays - Combine Entertainment with Fitness

When the extraordinary is available, why settle for the ordinary? You may smoothly blend entertainment and training with the help of our gym Gym Audio System solutions. Dynamic images will keep your members interested and inspired as they achieve their fitness goals.

FM Radio Systems - Tune in to Your Workout

Our FM Radio Systems have got you covered for those who prefer to work out to the latest tunes or stay updated with news. While using the treadmill or lifting weights, listen to your favorite radio stations.

Digital Signage & Noticeboards - Stay Informed and Inspired

Enhance communication within your sports and recreation center with our Digital Signage & Noticeboards. Keep your members informed about upcoming events, class schedules, and exciting promotions, all in an attractive and eye-catching display.

Portable PAs - Versatile Sound Solutions on the Go

Take your sound anywhere with our Portable PAs. Whether you're hosting an outdoor fitness class, a sports event, or a motivational seminar, our portable audio systems ensure your voice reaches every corner.

Tailored Solutions for Sports & Recreation Centres

Sports and Recreation Centres are the lifeblood of various clubs and associations. We understand the unique needs of each organization and tailor our solutions accordingly. Partnering with industry experts at Pink Noise Audio, we conduct specialized audio modeling to ensure your facility receives the perfect speaker choice and placement for optimal acoustics.

Enhancing the Member Experience - Retaining Class Numbers

At Cloud AV, we put more emphasis on improving the member experience than just sound quality. Our solutions are designed to entice your members to return again and time again. We have the audio setup for every fitness class, from energizing exercises to relaxing yoga sessions, assisting you in maintaining class attendance and expanding your fitness community.

The Cloud AV Advantage

Why choose Cloud Audio Visual for your Gym Sound System needs? Here are some compelling reasons:

  1. Unrivalled Expertise: We have years of experience catering specifically to the sports and recreation industries in Melbourne & Sydney.
  2. Customized Solutions: We are aware that no two gyms are alike. Our solutions are customized to satisfy your unique needs.
  3. Cutting-Edge Technology: For the optimum user experience, we stay ahead of the curve by combining cutting-edge audiovisual technologies.
  4. Industry Partnerships: Our collaboration with Pink Noise Audio ensures you get the best audio modeling and acoustic expertise.
  5. Impeccable Service: Our team is committed to providing top-notch service and support to ensure your satisfaction.

Unbeatable Gym Audio Solutions for Your Sports Facility

We at Cloud Audio Visual are committed to revolutionizing the audio experience in your sports centre or gym. You may create the ideal environment for your fitness classes and recreational activities with the help of our Gym Audio System, Gym Sound System, and other state-of-the-art audio solutions. With Cloud AV's unrivalled audio solutions, you can improve the member experience, keep students enrolled in classes, and grow your sports and recreation centre. Contact us right away to transform your workout audio!

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