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“Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.”

It’s funny how certain words of wisdom never lose their sparkle while others fade like old newsprint. Digital communication has evolved at a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it rate for years now, yet it is the ability to capture and hold people’s attention that is still an elusive spell to master.

Having a great message, though, is only half the battle. Today you need the right digital vehicle to guarantee you cut through the blandness and have the impact you want. At Cloud Audio Visual, we understand this challenge, understand how vital it is to stand out in the world of Advertising. That is why we’ve made it our mission to supply Australia with only the highest quality digital signage solutions. Whether you need LED signage to promote the latest exhibitions at your gallery or digital signage that helps employees and patients find their way around your hospital, we have the signage to suit your needs.

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We also understand that when it comes to digital signage, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each industry has its own set of complex and nuanced problems, which means that it needs its own digital signage solutions. With over 60 years of combined experience in our core team, working across industries as diverse as Government, Healthcare, Education, Religious, Retail and Hospitality, we’re sensitive to your unique digital signage needs. Regardless of whether you need LED signage at the entrance of a newly renovated shopping centre or digital signage to advertise the specials at your restaurant, we can help.

74% of consumers see billboards every day. With so much digital saturation, you need the right equipment to rise above the noise and make people take notice.

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